When the Internet started I was there. Many years later, when the World Wide Web started, I was there. I used to be known as the Badger. Long before there was an Internet, there was GEnie the General Electric Network Interface which allowed people from all over the world to talk across computers. They charged by the minute. Long Before there was GEnie, there were BBS'es. This stood for Bulletin Board Service. Various computer literate individuals around the world would take their IBM PC and XT compatible computers and buy four or five modems. The earliest of us started with 300 baud modems. We had to pay for four or five phone lines, so each modem could have its own line. The BBS'es operated like the discussion boards on Web sites do now, but this was the very first time that people could use their computer to communicate with other people on computers.

Insert audiovisual of the scene from 2001 a space odessey, where the ape throws the bone into the air, and it morphs into a spinning space station, complete with the Also Sprach Zarathustra sound theme.

I was one of those originals who crawled out of the caves, casting off the yolk of punch cards and COBOL, with keyboard in hand. I was Badger. In a state called Florida, in a county called Volusia, and in a city called Daytona Beach, I started the first computer BBS system in Volusia County. And we communicated. I started so far back, that I was able to get the domain name badger.org. I had barely missed getting badger.com. I was Badger. I still have Badger.Org, but have converted it into what the world expected it to be. A non-profit Web site about the animal Badger.

Then came the "wannabees". They came in mass hordes with no "netiquette", and the stole. They stole copyright images. They stole copyrighted text and content. They stole domain names from the rightful owners. The stole the very names of the founders. Thus, to have a handle that was unique and not taken for the past twenty-five years, I have had to go under the assumed moniker of the NetBadger. So goes the tale of the NetBadger.Com. At the top of this page are links to the various remnants of Web sites, BBS'es, artwork, and writings of my past quarter of a century.

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